Hiroko Nishimura

Founder AWS Newbies, Cloud Newbies
☁️ AWS Community Hero ☁️
Founder 24 Villages, LLC
Author Freelance Finance 101

24 villages, llc

I help startups figure out how to convey what to whom.
I write about Technology and Personal Finance.

LinkedIn Learning

Linkedin learning

I teach Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers courses at LinkedIn Learning.

I also founded AWS Newbies and Cloud Newbies.

Freelance finance 101

An ebook and community of Freelancers looking to establish financially healthy small businesses.

Learn more @ #FreelanceFinance101!

Freelance Finance 101

Hiroko Nishimura

Hiroko is a freelance Content Strategist, Technical Instructor, and Personal Finance Enthusiast.


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