Hiro Nishimura

AWS Technical Writer & Instructor
Founder & CEO, 24 Villages, LLC


Hiro Nishimura, M.Ed. is a Special Education Teacher turned Systems Administrator turned Technical Writer. 24 Villages, LLC was founded in 2019 as an EdTech Consulting and Technical Writing Company.

In 2018, she founded AWS Newbies to make Cloud Computing accessible for everyone using jargon-free resources. She teaches a 4-part series of courses titled "Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers" at LinkedIn Learning.

In late 2019, she founded Cloud Newbies Society, a community-based learning platform for "Cloud Newbies" and seasoned professionals to help each other learn about Cloud Computing.

After a 5 year stint in NYC, she returned to DC in 2019 to continue her career as a Technical Writer and Instructor.

You can check out her work at Intro to AWS (landing page for all things AWS) and Village Gossip (technical/freelance blog).

For Hire

Hiro is available for hire as a Technical Writer (blogs, documentations, resources pages, etc.) and Technical Instructor (in-person seminars and online webinars) for introduction to Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services.

You can take a peek at her Writing Samples and Video Courses.

She also engages in Public Speaking, and is available for hire to speak on topics of "Introduction to AWS," Disability, Diversity and Inclusion, Transitioning into Tech, and Entrepreneurship at conferences and events.


Looking to contact Hiro @ 24 Villages to commission articles, seminars, conference talks, or just want to say hello? Shoot me a messenger pigeon!